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Shopify Site API Tutorial

On your admin page go to Apps.

Shopify Step 1

Step 1.

Step 2.

Shopify Step 2
  1. On the Apps page scroll down until you see working with a developer on your shop.

  2. Select Manage private apps.

Step 3.

Shopify Step 3.png
  1. Select Enable private app development. 

* Some users may already have this option selected, if so, go to step 5.

Step 4.

Shopify Step 4.png
  1. Enable all checkmarks and select "Enable private app development."

Step 5.

Shopify Step 5.png
  1. Select "Create private app."

Step 6.

Shopify Step 6.png
  1. Under Private app name, enter "ScheduleKey Order API

  2. Under Emergency developer email enter

  3. Select "Show Inactive Admin API permissions."

Step 7.

Shopify Step 7.png
  1. Scroll down until you find "Orders." Then select "Read and write."

  2. Scroll down to "Products." Then select "Read and write."

  3. Select "Save" on the top right of the page.

Step 8.

Shopify Step 8.png
  1. Select "Create app."

Step 9.

Shopify Step 9.png
  1. Copy and paste the API key into the assigned field on the form above.

  2. Copy and paste the Password into the assigned field on the form above.

  3. Copy and paste the Example URL into the assigned field on the form above.

  4. Copy and paste the Shared Secret into the assigned field above.

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